Pastor Cisco’s purpose is to assist people and position them to operate within their full potential and maximize the opportunity of fulfilling their God ordained purpose.

With over 23 years of business and ministry experience, Pastor Cisco is passionate about seeing people reach their full capacity to effectively impact the sphere that God has entrusted to them; locally, regionally, and globally.  As he coaches, trains, and consults he is determined to help position them to honor God and serve people.


Personal & Group Coaching

Feeling stuck and discouraged?  Do you find yourself in the same place you were in last month or last year? Need some help getting to where you want to go in life? 


Find out how Pastor Cisco can help you.

Support Group



Have you ever wondered how you can improve communication in your relationships? How well do you know yourself? Did you know that self-awareness can change your life? 


Discover how a DISC assessment can answer these questions.


Sign up today for your complimentary 15 minute coaching session. During this session we will discuss tools and resources that can uncover true potential.  This session is FREE and you are not under any obligation commit or participate in any other service that I offer. I’m looking forward to helping you discover and fulfill your divine purpose!